Wallen Bronze Sculptures


For information on how bronze sculptures are produced, click on: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost-wax_casting

Locations of Wallen’s monumental bronze sculptures

  • The World Bank, Washington, DC
  • The Carter Presidential Center, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Merck & Co., Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
  • The Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam
  • Denali Park, Alaska
  • The World Health Organization, Geneva
  • University of Houston, Houston, Texas
  • Griffin Park, Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Macaulay Hatchery, Juneau, Alaska
  • Overstreet Park, Juneau, Alaska
  • Capitol Plaza, Juneau, Alaska
  • Lions Clubs International, Chicago, Illinois
  • Lake Michigan shoreline, Manitowoc-Two Rivers, Wisconsin
  • In Collections of private clients



Wallen Maquettes for Sale

A maquette is usually a rough working model for a larger sculpture.
R.T. Wallen often finishes his maquettes to be cast in bronze in editions of 25.

Contact:  contact@wallenstudio.com

Breaching Humpback Whale

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Alaska Statehood, a life-scale bronze whale, 25 feet high, breaches from an infinity pool on the waterfront in Juneau, Alaska.  Elaborate waterworks simulate the commotion of briny seawater cascading off its body.

Whale maquette: 29 3/8” high, with a turntable base of black granite

Price: $5500




Spirit of the Rivers

Invited by a group of citizens to create a legacy piece for his boyhood hometown in Wisconsin, Wallen created Spirit of the Rivers to recognize the thousands of years of human habitation along the Great Lakes and to celebrate the birch bark canoe as the precursor of the Lake Michigan maritime tradition. Three 10-ft high figures and a 20-ft canoe now grace the shoreline on Mariners Trail between Manitowoc and Two Rivers.

See www.spiritoftherivers.com for a history of the project and to purchase a book by award-winning author Kerry Trask about Wallen’s work.

Maquette: 24” high, black walnut base. A portion of the proceeds go to the fund to maintain the monumental sculpture

Price: $7500

American and Russian Pilots

The Alaska-Siberia World War II monument in Fairbanks, Alaska, was commissioned by the Alaska-Siberia Research Center to bring attention to the little-known history of the Lend-Lease program in Alaska. Almost 8,000 warplanes, manufactured in the U.S., were flown to Fairbanks, Alaska, for transfer to Russian pilots who flew them across Siberia to the western front. This effort is credited with turning the tide in the war against the Nazis. Both pilots are portrayed in the special cold-weather gear required for long flights in unheated airplanes. The full-size figures are 10 ft. high.


American pilot maquette: 25 ½ “ high, walnut base

Russian pilot maquette: 25 ¼ ” high, walnut base

Price: $8900 for the pair

Family Outing

Mother black bear leads her two cubs across a fallen log bridging a pond. The full-size sculpture, a private commission in Wyoming, is 15 feet long.



Maquette: 25” long x 13” high x 8” wide, walnut base

Price: $3600


Male and Female Cougars

Two 13-ft cougars flank the administration building at the University of Houston.  The female is in a stalking position, while the male is in a defensive position.



Male cougar maquette:  30” long x 12 ¾” high x 7” wide, walnut base

Female cougar maquette:  29” long x 13 ¼” high x 7” wide, walnut base

Price: $3500 each or $6000 for pair



Bronze Antlers

Cast from near-world-record Alaska moose antlers.  Suitable for indoor or outdoor display.  Approximately 59” across.

Price: $18,000